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Lesson 45ot Upper Elementary


This lesson can be downloaded for free: Click the Download Area link above.

This is a sample of a REVIEW lesson from CLAMcentral. The topics reviewed are King Saul, David and Goliath, the Witch of Endor (yes, it’s in the Bible!) and David and Bathsheba.

In this review lesson we use four stories of Saul and David to call our students to love God, believe in Jesus, commit to Jesus and consider the need to turn to the Lord. We also give the kids a chance to think about the good things Jesus has done for us. And, of course, the review helps cement God’s Word into the hearts and minds of the kids.

Here are my tips and suggestions to make this lesson “fly.” 

The Bible Wars, CLAMpardy, Nose Picker and Bible Bingo activities are meant to be a ton of fun. Get into ’em! Do Bible Wars in a circle. The CLAMpardy and Nose Picker activities should be set up in theater seating facing front. Get the kids into the team spirit. You know your kids are learning if they are laughing, making noise and playfully “mocking” the other team. The Bible Bingo game is played at the tables; allow the kids to play until everyone has marked off every square on the playing cards–for some reason, the kids love to do this. You can see who the last person to get a Bingo is, too.

The student version of the CLAM Bible has the “voCLAMulary” word-definition section. The voCLAMulary is not referred to in the lesson but you can certainly read it over with the kids.

The Biggie Verse posters (this sample includes all five Biggies from lessons 41 to 45) can be used to help kids memorize Scripture, though the lesson doesn’t go that deep with them. You may wish to dedicate several minutes to repetition and recall if you want your students to memorize key Bible passages.

I realize you probably won’t actually teach this lesson because it’s taken from deep within my Old Testament series. I will release the first lessons in the CLAMbake series, all age levels, starting with Lesson 1 of the New Testament sometime in fall, 2014. In the meantime, come here as more samples are released over the next several weeks.

Please Note: The Biggie Verse and Bible Timeline resources are the same as in other age-levels; they are provided here for your convenience.

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