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Understanding CLAMbake Curriculum

The lessons I write and the way I use them are set up for my particular situation: Classrooms staffed with good-hearted moms and dads, grandparents, even a few middle school kids who want to serve God by working with children. Most work once a month, some every week. Few are professional teachers.

That’s why every week I do four things, which I suggest you also do: Email the lesson plans to the scheduled workers; provide all needed materials yourself; prep everything yourself so all is set and ready when the workers arrive; talk to each worker just before class to be sure they comprehend each learning activity. CLAMblog is the place to clarify any questions you can’t answer–I’m happy to work personally with you and your workers.

To make things super-simple for the workers, the lessons are little more than bullet lists of activities. No Bible Basis articles, little in the way of guided conversation or transitions between activities. From a teacher’s point of view it’s “Do this. Do this. Now do this.”

It works and it works well. I’m in a resort community that gets visitors from churches all over–small to mega. The CLAMbake kids consistently demonstrate better Bible understanding than the visitor kids.

Here’s what you need from your teachers: Personality and a sense of humor. The lessons are designed to unleash a teacher’s personality and insight, and fun is used to draw kids into each Bible topic. If you miss this, CLAMbake will be as dull as any curriculum.

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