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Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s take a look at possible advantages and disadvantages of using my CLAMbake Curriculum.

Advantage: Downloadable; no waiting for store or postal service. Disadvantage: You must print it yourself.

Advantage: Inexpensive. Disadvantage: Toner adds to your cost.

Advantage: FAR more pages than a print publisher could deliver at nearly any cost. Disadvantage: None.

Advantage: You can print unlimited copies and reprint forever. Disadvantage: None.

Advantage: CLAMbake Curriculum really works. Thoroughly tested in the real world, developed by an experienced author of Sunday School curriculum for major publishers, simple and fun to use, Biblically sound. Disadvantages: Satan’s not happy.

Advantage: You can contact the developer through this blog. Disadvantage: You can yell at the developer through this blog.

Hey, keep praying for me and CLAMcentral: God may be doing something truly great here.



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