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Lesson 45ot Early Elementary

45ot Early Elementary

This lesson can be downloaded for free: Click the Download Area link above.

This is a sample of a REVIEW lesson from CLAMcentral. The topics reviewed are King Saul, David and Goliath, the Witch of Endor (yes, it’s in the Bible!) and David and Bathsheba.

All the age-levels study the same Bible stories each Sunday. The lesson activities are colorful, fun, Biblically profound and simple; the kids, teachers, and parents love them.

Getting the Most out of the Lesson. If you were to teach this lesson, I’d recommend you email it to your teacher and assistants early in the week. Set the room up and provide any needed resources and materials. Talk to your volunteers just before class to be sure everything is clear, and again after class to express appreciation, learn any plus or minuses and to talk to parents and kids.

Please Note: The Bible Bingo game for this age-level is not the same as the one for the older age-levels; this one is simpler. But the Biggie Verse and Bible Timeline resources are the same as the other age-levels; they are provided here for your convenience.

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