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Lesson 45ot Preschool

Preschool 45ot Lesson

This lesson can be downloaded for free: Click the Download Area link above.

This is a sample of a REVIEW lesson from CLAMcentral. The topics reviewed include events in the life of King David. All CLAMbake Preschool lesson loosely follow the topics of the higher age-level lessons.

The download folder contains the lesson plan, a coloring book with pages taken from the lessons being reviewed, five puppets skits, a review activity that I call the “Advent Bible” and an activity called Snack Drop. I wanted to use a review lesson for this (and eventually all age-levels) because a review lesson includes a wider variety of resources than the regular lessons tend to do.

In my Sunday School, most teachers and assistants work just one service a month. When you look over this download you’ll see that the CLAMbake Preschool lesson plan accommodates this by providing a list of where the lesson fits into our Old Testament schedule and by speaking to the teacher as though he or she is seeing CLAMbake for the first time.

To Get the Most from this Lesson: If you were to teach this lesson (I don’t expect you to jump in with a sample lesson), you would email it to your scheduled staff, set up the materials and preparations, and talk to each volunteer before and after class. Be sure the coloring pages and Advent Bible goes home with the kids. Encourage the parents to make use of the Advent Bible during the week. The lesson seems straight-forward to me but you can always ask questions or make comments right here.

NOTE: The Puppet Skits can be used with any two hand puppets, but I use dog puppets and some of the skits will make reference to that. Easy to ad-lib a fix, however.

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