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Project: Jonah’s Fish



























Here is a great Bible learning activity for teaching Preschoolers about Jonah. I’m adding it here today because tomorrow it’s Jonah’s turn at bat in Sunday School.

Materials: A roll of so-called rosin paper (paint supply department at Home Depot and the like), tape, scissors, colorful wrapping paper or paints, marker for design details such as eyes or scales.

To make a fish, cut a length from the roll of paper about six feet long. Fold it back upon itself to form a three-foot double thickness. The crease is the tail end of the fish. Cut the paper into a fish shape as shown and tape to form an open bag, with the mouth as the opening. (In the photo, the mouth looks to be taped closed with the green tape, but instead it is rimmed for strength.)

When telling the story of Jonah being swallowed by the fish, have your preschoolers climb in. While in the fish, you can have them pray like Jonah did, then hop out. They will want to do this over and over! Make a few fish and let kids take turns using them.

PS: Rosin paper is thick and tough enough to make table cloths and other good stuff. Buy a roll, it’s pretty cheap.

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