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Lesson 44ot Early Elementary

This lesson can be downloaded for free: Click the Download Area link above.

Talking about David and Bathsheba this lesson.

The main differences between the Early Elementary lesson on David and Bathsheba and the two higher age-levels are:

1. The CLAM Bible story is simpler;

2. This lesson has an activity called “The Jesus Bus.”

If you’ve checked out the CLAMbake sample lessons, you may have realized I dig big, colorful games and graphics to tape to the wall or drape across a table or place on the floor. The Jesus Bus travels that same road; print it, let the kids decorate each page separately, tape all the pages together to form one really l-o-o-o-n-g bus that’s on its way to heaven. The finished result should be bright and fun.

The purpose of the activity is to encourage kids to go God’s way instead of their own. The lesson deals with repentance and that’s defined as “Stop going your way, turn around and go God’s way.”

Once the Jesus Bus is completed, make sure your students understand how to “get on the bus,” that is; give them an opportunity to dedicate themselves to the Lord. Of course, if you were to teach the entire CLAMbake Old Testament and New Testament course, the kids would have a solid understanding of what it means to follow Jesus and commit one’s life to him.

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