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Lesson 44ot Middle Elementary

This lesson can be downloaded for free: Click the Download Area link above.

Talking about David and Bathsheba this lesson.

This lesson is very similar to the Upper Elementary version and you should check out that post for some thoughts.

Here are some advantages to CLAMbake lessons being similar across age-levels:

1. Families with children in more than one CLAMbake age-level are all on the same page as they talk about the lesson on the drive home from church.

2. Small churches can easily create a lesson that encompasses kids five to ten years old in one room. Just grab the activities that seem to best fit your situation.

3. It’s easier for the person responsible to prepare one activity for two or three age-levels than to prepare three different activities.

4. And it saves me a lot of time thinkin’ ’em up!

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