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Project: Fold-Out Room


 This is a 8′ x 16′ room that folds flat against the wall!

It’s fun to use as a special place to tell a story (Jesus’ home, anyone?) or to set up a flat screen. I call it the CLAM Room. In this case, CLAM stands for “Christ’s Livingroom After Midnight (sort of a take on Nicodemus visiting Jesus after dark). Yes, I know livingroom is supposed to be two words…

The photos below should be enough for you to figure everything out. The walls are hinged and light enough to move without needing casters. Gravity keeps everything in place but I temporarily screw the two sections that come together for extra stability. The walls are framed from 1″ x 4″ boards and covered with thin panels, in this case MDF.


Here the room is flat against the wall. That’s a map of the Nile area for telling the story of Moses. More maps will be added. To the left you can see the Wacky Wall which folds flat to hide the folding room. The kids don’t know the room is there until I set it up! The Wacky Wall is in progress and I’ll post it here someday. BTW, the room folds to less than two inches against the wall.

Here the room is beginning to swing open. The four walls that make up the room are each about 8′ x8′ square. The two inner panels are hidden in this image, you can see their hinges on the leading edges of the visible panels.


Seen from the inside. Obviously, one panel needs a doorway. You have to duck down to get in. Paint and posters still need to be added. The wide-looking green frame toward the right of the image is two wall panels slightly overlapped to form the 16′ wall. I screw these together for strength. This room holds a table and a dozen kids easily.


The next three images show some of the details. Don’t be afraid to comment if you need further info!




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