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Action Games Floor Design



I wanted to tile a room as a place to play different sorts of game: relays, games on a square and so forth. This design has been in use for years and it seems like we got it right the first time–it’s pretty versatile.


The room is 19′x39′ and the tiles are 12″ squares. Because we run our KIDS PARTY program with four teams (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) those four colors are integrated in the design. The red, yellow, blue and green areas are where those teams sit as we are talking to them.


The white tiles at the top of the drawing above is the “no-man’s land” where tables and closets are; the kids can’t touch these. The gray tiles form lines and boundaries. Notice that the gray lines running the length of the floor form four colorful lanes for relay races and the like. The black areas at the ends are places where players can stand to await their turns. The four gray lines that run across the short dimension of the room form areas that we mostly use to play the fun game called Poop Deck.

floor4 floor3 floor2 floor1


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