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Starship U-99


This comic strip teaches middle elementary kids important truths about the Lord. The setup is simple: humanity has learned to travel to the stars. There is no alien life out there, but humans have set up colonies all over the place. Some of those colonies are based on people and places found in the pages of the Bible.

The captain of the U-99 is a well-meaning dip. The other main characters are Chief Engineer Finster who attempts to solve the problems the captain causes, Lieutenant Diane Smith who is the only smart one on board, and Com Bot, a floating robot who sums up the spiritual point of each story. The comic strips are published weekly in the upcoming CLAMazine papers. I hope to animate a number of them to include on a CLAMbake website. Good fun, and all part of the CLAMcentral Sunday School resources you’ll be able to get starting Fall, 2014.

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