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Camp Lost in Time takes its name from a game that teams play in four segments over the course of the weekend. It seems the Super Cool Long Ago Machine (aka The Super CLAMulator) repeatedly throws the teams to various eras in time, such as the days of pirates, dinosaurs, Bible times, the future, even the era of Classic Rock and Roll. The first team to find all the things they need to get their Time Prism (below) to work, gets back to our time and wins the Time Treasure–a bucket of candy.


I will likely include Camp Lost in Time in one of my upcoming downloads for CLAMcentral members. Membership will start in Fall, 2014.

In the video, the woman with long red hair at the Dye War bucket is my wife Nancy. Our son Bryce is the drone operator. Bryce is a pro photographer, you can find his stuff at and

Anyway, we had 25 upper elementary kids on top of our mountain in the middle of the ocean. Good Bible messages, good food, good fun.

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