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Childrens’ Prayers


You may know that CLAMbake is the name of my Sunday School curriculum, and that CLAM stands for Christ’s Love And Majesty.

So this past Sunday I gave the kids each a copy of the CLAM Prayer you see above, and a page on which they could write their own prayers using words that began with or included the letters C, L, A, and M. Here are a few of the two dozen responses (spelling errors included):

“You CARE for all sinners. You LOVE all pepole. You ACT as one. You MAKE life worth living.”

“You are the CLEANEST thing in this dirty world. I LOVE you soooooooooo much. You are A bright light in a dark world. You are MY God!”

“You are CRAZY awesome. I LOVE you. You are AMAZING. You are my MASTER and my only Master.”

This is from my New Testament lesson 3, upper elementary. I will post it and others for you to enjoy in a few weeks.


3 thoughts on “Childrens’ Prayers

  1. Hi Tom. Do you have an idea of a release date yet? I am trying to plan out my summer lessons to line up with CLAMBAKE release in the fall. Just wanting to know how many lessons I need to come up with. Thanks. God Bless you and your team in all you are doing for God’s children and those who work with them. You are greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi, Sarah!

    I’m working on the New Testament free samples that will replace the Old Testament ones that are there now. The new samples will be lessons 1-5, for the four age-levels Preschool, Early Elementary, Middle Elementary and Upper Elementary (so 20 lessons in all). All lessons will be finished by the end of this week, but I’ll probably need two more weeks to make sure I have all bases covered as far as download instructions, how to print and so forth.

    Now, after those five are out, it will be several weeks before I release more because I want to have a good number finished before I start to charge for them–that way no one will be stranded if I get sick or something. However, I do need people to test these lessons pre-release, so if you’d like to get them before everyone else does, and for free, I can make sure you get them one at a time as I finish them. I just need you to try them and comment back here with any thoughts and suggestions.

    So, plan on the samples going up in a couple of weeks and maybe 2 weeks after that to get one lesson at a time. I cannot guarantee that you will have a lesson every week over a long period, so you need to plan for that.

    Thanks for checking in. Tell your friends!



  3. I would love to try them out and would be happy to give my input. Thank you.

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