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How to Play “Growing Up God’s Way”

This game, “Growing Up God’s Way,” will be posted for download mid-July, 2014. It’s for Upper Elementary Sunday School, a fun activity to launch into a discussion of habits to build in order to grow up to be the men and women God wants us to be. It’s from Lesson 4 of my New Testament series, one of the free samples that will be posted soon. The lesson is based on Luke 2, where the 12-year-old Jesus returned from Jerusalem to obey his parents and to grow in wisdom, experience and favor with God and people.

The game is easy to play, but the printed instructions could use this video demo to help clarify things.

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2 thoughts on “How to Play “Growing Up God’s Way”

  1. hello
    can u send me link for the pie in the face machine plans…
    i have been asked to build one for a friend here in el paso texas
    915 525 0234

  2. Thanks, Daniel

    I will post the link and the video tomorrow. The link to the Pie Face plans is


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