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Jesus and the Kids



Simple activity: Put a blank poster on the wall and have the kids tell all the good things about Jesus they can think of. Our early and middle elementary kids came up with this list:

Jesus is also God.

God helps us be careful with stuff.

Jesus died on the cross for our lives.

Jesus made a blind man see.

Jesus helps us.

Jesus doesn’t always give us what we want.

He rose a guy from the dead.

Jesus helps us do more things than us.

Jesus helps people do things.

Jesus is super nice.

Jesus helps us be thankful.

Jesus is cool.

Jesus rose himself from the dead.

God is in our hearts.

Jesus can help us to read.

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I’ve been updating for my KIDS PARTY program. I will unleash the downloadable resources (leader guide, games, Bible stories, forms and such) on an unsuspecting populous hopefully pretty soon.

Meanwhile, take a tour of the website so you can see the possibilities. I will make a generic version for churches who wish to jump on board the KP program.





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Free Sunday School Resources


I am in the process of posting 20 free Sunday School lessons at That’s five weeks times four age-levels. It’s been a long journey to this point and a very long way to go to do all 400+ lessons in the series, but it’s fun and a blessing from God to me. Check ’em out; they are for you!

The image above shows a typical Print and Prep file; there is one with each lesson. In this particular lesson, Upper Elementary New Testament Week 1, there are six files included in the folder you download: The lesson plan itself (“Jesus is Our Friend”), the Biggie Verse poster that you tape together from four sheets, Student Notebook activity pages, a game we call “Bug Splat,” and finally a page that begins a weekly Bible time line.

I have a ton of stuff I want to accomplish with CLAMcentral. It’ll take years to reach a fraction of the potential. Take a look at the lessons, then drop by here to say hi.

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CLAMazine Comic Book

I have to be away for a week, and that means a delay of releasing my New Testament lesson plans. So I lifted several episodes of “The Adventures of Starship U-99” from the CLAMazine take-home paper that comes with the Middle Elementary lesson plans. The lesson plans and the CLAMazine will be uploaded starting in a couple of weeks (early August 2014). Meanwhile, here’s the link so that you can download the crazy U-99 episodes: Starship U-99

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How to Play “Growing Up God’s Way”

This game, “Growing Up God’s Way,” will be posted for download mid-July, 2014. It’s for Upper Elementary Sunday School, a fun activity to launch into a discussion of habits to build in order to grow up to be the men and women God wants us to be. It’s from Lesson 4 of my New Testament series, one of the free samples that will be posted soon. The lesson is based on Luke 2, where the 12-year-old Jesus returned from Jerusalem to obey his parents and to grow in wisdom, experience and favor with God and people.

The game is easy to play, but the printed instructions could use this video demo to help clarify things.

Please comment here and go to my YouTube channel to subscribe and comment.

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Childrens’ Prayers


You may know that CLAMbake is the name of my Sunday School curriculum, and that CLAM stands for Christ’s Love And Majesty.

So this past Sunday I gave the kids each a copy of the CLAM Prayer you see above, and a page on which they could write their own prayers using words that began with or included the letters C, L, A, and M. Here are a few of the two dozen responses (spelling errors included):

“You CARE for all sinners. You LOVE all pepole. You ACT as one. You MAKE life worth living.”

“You are the CLEANEST thing in this dirty world. I LOVE you soooooooooo much. You are A bright light in a dark world. You are MY God!”

“You are CRAZY awesome. I LOVE you. You are AMAZING. You are my MASTER and my only Master.”

This is from my New Testament lesson 3, upper elementary. I will post it and others for you to enjoy in a few weeks.


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The Feather Blowing Game


The feather blowing game is super simple and lots of fun. Good for 12-16 kids. The kids stand up, holding a large square sheet of fabric tight under their chins, with an equal number of kids on each edge of the fabric. Each edge represents a team. You drop a feather in the middle of the square and the kids attempt to blow the feather away from themselves.

There’s just one problem with the game. In the excitement of trying to control the feather, the players tend to lean forward rather than keeping the fabric stretched into a taut square.

So I made a pvc pipe square and had my friend Kathy sew a cloth cover as you see here. This one is large enough for three or four kids on a side. A team loses a round when the feather is blown off its side; the other three teams win the points.