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Helping Kids CELEBRATE


Hey, it's Dain! My friend Tom and I are all about sharing with you the best practices, principles and downloadable resources to power up every area of your own Children's Ministry so that you, like us, can easily draw kids and families and bring each of them to truly know Christ's Love And Majesty.

Tom and Dain provide resources for everything in the list above completely free. These resources are among our very best, not pared down in any way. With them, you can build a solid foundation for a powerful, effective and FUN Children's Ministry! 

And when you are ready to build upon that foundation, we provide the extra tools and materials you'll want to have. Click the things below to learn more:


Three school years of games and Bible stories. Upper Elementary.


Through the Bible in two years, with helpful videos. Preschool up.


An online course for the Leader. With downloadable resources.

These three programs work together to disciple your kids, build up your teachers, improve your skills and bring families into your church. This is the CHRIST'S LOVE AND MAJESTY Concept. It works.

"The CLAMcentral lesson format is terrific for both the teachers and young students. I've used it with my 8-10 year-olds for almost ten years."   BOB

"I had a blast at my first KIDS PARTY and made lots of friends. That was also my first time hearing a talk about God."

ADIN, now in high school serving in her church youth program.

And SARAH wrote to us: "It was amazing. I have never seen my kids so engaged. One of my long time members said 'Ms Sarah, this was the best lesson ever, keep doing this.'"

Where We TITHE

This is Teddi. Some years ago she took a short-term mission trip to India. There she met a woman who had recently become a Christian. The woman wanted to build a Christian school for poverty-stricken children. When we learned that it only costs 25 cents a day to feed and educate a child, we were hooked. The school now has about 200 students. The entire village has been transformed with jobs, hope, and the good news of Jesus Christ. Other villages in this poor, rural area of India are paying attention. More schools are planned. Ten percent of every dollar that CLAMcentral brings in goes to support this work in India.